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Sonos Ray is Better and Cheaper

Sonos Ray is Better and Cheaper

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Everyday Life

Let’s take a look at the various ways we can understand the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life. AI has become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives and that will only intensify in the coming decades, as more and more companies shall join hands. We can find applications of artificial intelligence (AI) pretty much everywhere. Find out more..Dive into the blog here…

How to Be a Blogger

How can I start a blog, How to Create a Blog Site are a very relevant question and this post shows the answer and explains step by step process on how to create a Blog.WordPress is the CMS mostly used for blogging and there are a number of good plugins available free and paid in WordPress to increase the functionality of the blog site. Here I recommend Bluehost web hosting for any blogger because it provides a free SSL lifetime for WordPress websites and a good support as well.

Reasons Why Patents Are Important for Any Invention

A patent is a form of incorporeal right. It is the granting of property rights by a sovereign authority to an inventor. This means that the grant gives exclusive rights of the invention, its process, and design to the creator for a specific period – in exchange for a particular reveal of the invention.

The Best SLAM Solution for Robots Is Here

Before getting into the best solution, the first and foremost things to see are the definition of SLAM and its applications. The full form of SLAM is simultaneous localization and mapping. It is a method, a part of the robots’ artificial intelligence, that helps them create maps and navigate around.

3 Tips to Learn Data Science the Easy Way

There is no doubt that there is a huge demand for data scientists. In the United States, professionals make more than $113,000 a year. Therefore, if you gain experience in this department, you can make tons of money.